Aug 4th 使用注意事項(202308更新)|Usage Guidelines (August 2023 Update)

親愛的用戶: 為因應近期防火長城的激進策略,我們已對訂閱進行升級,請儘快更新以獲取最新配置。這項升級包含兩部分內容: 請您在「Shadowrocket」、「v2rayN」以及「V2RayNG」內進行訂閱更新(若無法進行更新,請先斷開VPN節點,然後再進行更新)。 ... Read More »

Jun 18th Important Terms and Information

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for choosing v2rayz as your traffic provider. We are a service provider specializing in traffic acceleration, dedicated to providing users with high-volume, cross-platform, and unlimited-speed internet acceleration services. Our goal is to offer stable, high-speed internet connections while ensuring the privacy and ... Read More »